The 2023 STEM Discovery Campaign is here!

Help students discover their STEM identity

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STEM Discovery Campaign

New Scientix TV episode!

Get a glimpse of the work behind the scenes at European Schoolnet.

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Scientix TV

Scientix Newsletter is out!

This edition of the Newsletter will explore the importance of STEM education in ECEC.

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SCX Newsletter

NBS MOOC re-run

Explore Nature-Based Solutions for your classroom in this MOOC.

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NBS MOOC re-run


What is the STEM Discovery Campaign?

The STEM Discovery Campaign is a global celebration of STEM subjects. It's also an opportunity for educators to share their STEM-related activities with the world. This video gives an overview of the campaign – its aims, its history, and its reach. To experience this year's campaign, visit the SDC23 page on our portal.

Latest project

STEAM4ALL Towards an Inclusive STEAM Programme for ALL

The STEAM4ALL project contributes to advancing the field of STEAM education by spreading awareness of the importance of developing essential skills to students, focusing on those with fewer opportunities.

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CÚRAM Teachers in Residence Programme

CÚRAM's Teachers in Residence programme is the first residency programme in Ireland to bring primary and secondary school teachers together in one forum. The goals of the programme are to 1) increase teachers' enthusiasm for teaching science, 2) increase students' awareness of the relevance of science in their lives, and 3) increase students’ confidence in their ability to do science. Since 2016, the programme has provided dedicated training to 71 teachers all over Ireland.

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Latest News


Europeana courses

Europeana training courses 2023

Europeana National Ambassadors organise local and national training courses on using content and reusing resources available on the Teaching with Europeana blog. Participants will learn how to write a story of implementation (SoI) and be ready to participate in the Europeana Education Competition 2023.


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Join the 2023 STEM Discovery Campaign and showcase your STEM activities to the world


The 2023 STEM Discovery Campaign is an ongoing invitation to all stakeholders, including educators, projects, organisations, libraries, schools, universities, and youth clubs from around the world, to participate in and celebrate careers and studies in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

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