TIWI, Teaching ICT with Inquiry

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The TIWI project provides a combination of ICT teaching with Inquiry-Based Science Learning (IBSL), an education technique that always begins with questions and problems. Through this combination, TIWI will provide teachers of primary and secondary schools with knowledge and tools to spark interest for ICT and STEM subjects in their students.

The main goal of the Teaching ICT with Inquiry (TIWI) project is to provide teachers with tools and skills in order to enable them, with the use of the inquiry-based approach, to teach coding – the digital language used by ICT tools and STEM subjects. The main target group includes in-service teachers of upper primary (9-11 y.o. students) and secondary (12-19 y.o.) students. Various possibilities are also given to future teachers (pre-service training) to participate in this project.

TIWI will help upper primary and secondary educators to:

  • Gain new skills and be in a position to teach coding efficiently to their students, with the help of examples from STEM subjects;
  • Become comfortable in using the inquiry-based approach and interactive tools in their teaching for learning by doing;
  • Implement inquiry-based activities in classrooms all over Europe;

Moreover, the project will provide teachers and their students with self-assessment instruments that will allow them to take control of their personal development and their students’ further learning. Teachers will also be provided with student-targeted career material – role model profiles of ICT professionals that teachers will be able to use as prompts in order to demonstrate to their students the richness, variety and skills needed for pursuing successful ICT-related careers.

The acquisition of new skills by teachers and the introduction of new teaching ideas through TIWI is expected to affect the level of students’ engagement and overall motivation for ICT and STEM.


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