STIM, Schools Tune Into Mars

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The overall objective of the Schools Tune Into Mars (STIM) project is to provide pedagogical materials with high-quality inspirational lessons related to planetology. The project’s materials are based on the latest developments in space research and pedagogy and meet teachers’ needs for opportunities in professional development, making use of particular scientific concepts in planetology and planetary seismology.

Schools Tune Into Mars (STIM) is a project that brings together a network of schools and organisations with an interest in space education and studies related to the planet Mars. Thus, STIM provides adequate guidance and underpins innovative activities that are developed in a co-constructive process between researchers and teachers.

Several complementary blocks of activities are developed as part of the STIM project, including:

  • A study on the results of various space missions and their integration in lessons in the fields of STEM, supported by an evaluation of successful models at the European level.
  • A pedagogical guide to support the use of resources from space missions in classrooms.
  • A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) entitled “bring Mars missions into the classroom” which provides online training to teachers in order to use innovative teaching materials related to Mars space missions in classrooms.
  • Recommendations for the creation of a Mars-Edu network to set the scene for an innovative and long-term collaborative network on space education related to Mars missions.


If you know of European or national project in STEM education, please let us know. 

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