Environmental Change

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Environmental change in European start-ups, thinking and acting is the solution for common sustainable development

The Environmental Change project promotes proactive reskilling and upskilling to reap the benefits of the ecological transition. The project is in line with the European Green Deal and suggests focusing on topics of the circular economy and sustainable solutions.

The main objective of the project is to introduce practical innovations in sustainable business practices. The circular economy is an enormous challenge for developed and developing countries in terms of efficiently managing natural resources, preventing environmental degradation, and encouraging socially responsible behaviours. The project consortium will take the topics a step further, transforming opportunities into practical solutions. Through this project, the consortium aims to directly help enterprising and active people to develop their professional competences and provide start-ups with specific knowledge on how to sustainably manage their businesses. The project aims to promote and validate knowledge, skills, and attitudes on climate change and sustainable development in six key areas:

  • Ways of transitioning to natural energy and combatting climate change,
  • Biodiversity and ecological transformation,
  • Plastic waste management,
  • Redesigning products and services to minimise the use of materials,
  • Circular businesses models,
  • Life-cycle thinking.


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