ClimaTePD- Towards a new model of Teachers’ Professional Competence Development on Climate Change

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The overall goal of the ‘Towards a new model of Teachers’ Professional Competence Development on Climate Change’ (ClimaTePD) project is to help in-service secondary school teachers develop digital literacy and climate change teaching skills as a means of enabling their students to increase awareness about the global threat of climate change.

According to UNESCO, education is a key factor in the global response to climate change because it can increase knowledge, enable informed decision-making, and encourage behavioural changes for adopting sustainable lifestyles. In this regard, teachers’ role in developing climate change awareness is crucial. The threat of climate change and the ongoing pandemic have highlighted the need for the digital transformation of education. The European Commission maintains that teachers need to develop solid digital literacy skills in creating both digital education content and digital teaching methods. In climate change education, teachers face several barriers. Some of them are related to the multidisciplinary nature of climate change or students’ misconceptions, but arguably the most significant barriers stem from the lack of teacher training for developing the necessary skills when delivering instruction for climate change.


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