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Scientix Newsletter

The Scientix quarterly newsletter delivers original articles on innovation in STEM education policy, research and practice. It brings the latest news from science education projects and from the Scientix community, and follows the development of European and national policies and initiatives. Each issue focuses on selected topics in science education and highlights presents related materials and activities. The newsletter is only available in English.

Read past issues of the Newsletter here.

Scientix Digest

Scientix Digest is a fortnightly news bulletin sent to you by e-mail, providing an overview of the latest updates on the Scientix portal. It features projects and resources recently added to the Scientix portal, and informs about upcoming events in STEM and related fields.

Until March 2023, the Digest was available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Dutch and Romanian. From April 2023 on it is published only in English.