Lessons LEARNED: the Scientix Conference and other networking events for STEM education

The third Scientix Community of Practice goes by the name of: Lessons learned: The Scientix Conference and other networking events for STEM education.

During three weeks, we will focus on why networking makes a difference and on how to improve this feature on different events. We would also like you to share lessons learned after attending conferences, workshops, symposiums, etc.

Have you started a project with any of your Scientix colleagues? Have you learned about new projects with which you currently collaborate? Tell your peers about your story and your future endeavors.

Last, we would also like to know your views on the Scientix Conference. Did you discover new interesting projects? Did you have the opportunity to meet new STEM colleagues? Are you participating in any new activities after the event? Let us know!


Between the 1st and the 21st of December 2014 learn about the topic and join the discussion by accessing:


Mojca Orel

Mojca graduated in Chemistry Education at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology in 1995 and holds a Master of Chemical Education. Her research work consists of introducing multimedia assets, animations and Internet tools in chemistry teaching.

Aside from being a high-school teacher, she has worked on different multimedia projects with The National Education Institute of Slovenia and the Department of Chemical Education and Informatics. Now she is at the end of her doctoral dissertation »Impact of interactive animations on in-depth understanding of the particulate nature of matter«.

Mojca has been part of program committees for the projects SIRIKT, Infokomteh, EDUVISION and STO and she has also been involved with other several projects, such as Comenius 4 elements or Virtual School, as well as being a national coordinator for Spring Day.

She is part of various expert groups focused on including changes in chemistry and environmental teaching and having seminars on how to teach in an innovative and creative way.


Costantina Cossu

Costantina Cossu is an Italian Science, Biology and Chemistry teacher teaching for students aged from 14 to 20 years old. She has a degree in Biological Sciences and she is fully experienced in the teaching of science subjects in Secondary school. Costantina holds two masters, one in Evaluation and self-evaluation and one in Leadership and School Leadership.

She has been teaching in IIS Marketing Technology and Tourism Secondary School until 2014 but has recently made the jump and has started teaching in a High School of Science.

She is the responsible of the Olympics in Natural Sciences for north Sardinia and has worked as an external expert in HTE, acting as tutor for teachers formation. She has also worked as an expert in Orientation Post Diploma activities in secondary schools and published articles for teachers on Go Lab, creating the Inquiry Learning Space.

She is one of Scientix Deputy Ambassadors for Italy and she has experience at a European level in the environmental field. In fact, she has taken part in the Comenius training representing Italy at various conferences and projects at European level.


Daniel Aguirre

Daniel Aguirre teaches science at Colegio Pedro Poveda in Jaen, Spain. He has been a Physics, Maths and Technology teacher for more than 15 years. Daniel works to improve our society through education, trying to switch on, in their students, the flame to change the world. He is a Scientix Ambassador for Spain and has experience in European STEM projects like PRIMAS, COMPASS, SPICE or INGENIOUS among others. He has been coordinator of “The 4 elements”, Comenius project about environmental education.


 Carlos Cunha

Carlos Cunha works in Escola Secund├íria Dom Manuel MartinsHe teaches Physics, Chemistry and ICT; he is the Project Manager in his school and the Coordinator of the Sala de Aula do Futuro (a clone of the Future ClassroomLab) project. Carlos Cunha is engaged in different EUN Projects (Spice, Scientix, Ingenious, iTEC, Go-Lab, Desire)