9th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab

The 9th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab, organized by Scientix, took place in Brussels in November 2015, from Friday 06 (starting time: 19:30) to Sunday 08 (end ~14h). This event was specially targeted to heads of school.

The programme included:

  • Presentations and workshops from guest projects.
  • Workshops in the Future Classroom Lab.

60 participants from 21 countries joined the event, including:

  • 38 Scientix STEM teachers (selected from 125 applications).
  • 4 Heads of schools selected by the TES project
  • 13 project / organization representatives
  • and European Schoolnet colleagues

Check out:

Project Presentations  

Workshops slides or materials:

  • Session I - Workshop A: How using mysteries supports science learning 
  • Session I - Workshop B: Go-Lab Portal: Enriching classroom experience with the use of online labs and inquiry learning scaffolds 
  • Session I - Workshop C: Project for the Initiation to the Research and Innovation at Secondary School
  • Session II - Workshop A: Inquiry-Based Learning: how to engage teachers
  • Session II - Workshop B: Odysseus II Contest for teachers
  • Session II - Workshop C: Gender equity in stem education and gender equity in science education
  • Session III - Workshop A: D3MOBILE: Making a precision measuring tool with your mobile phone
  • Session III - Workshop B: Programming for all: Scratch workshop
  • Session III - Workshop C: Glu-ON+C2020. Two projects working together to inspire young people
  • Session IV - Workshop A: Astro party
  • Session IV - Workshop B: TES workshop
  • Session IV - Workshop C: RRI Tools


 Note: this page will be constantly updated until all presentations are collected and published