8th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab

The 8th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab, organized by Scientix, took place in Brussels in October 2015, from Friday 16 (starting time: 19:30) to Sunday 18 (end ~14h).

The programme included:

  • Presentations and workshops from guest projects.
  • Workshops in the Future Classroom Lab.

82 participants from 28 countries joined the event, including:

  • 28 Scientix STEM teachers (selected from 243 applications).
  • 20 eTwinning STEM teachers
  • 9 AmgenTeach STEM teachers
  • 15 project / organization representatives
  • and Scientix Resources winners

Check out:

Project Presentations  

Workshops slides or materials:

  • Workshop I - A: ManuSkills "BrickPlanner"  
  • Workshop I - B: INQUIRE module "Plants and Climate" 
  •  RRI and how to implement it in life sciences education (For Amgen teach participants) 
  • Workshop II - A: Manipulative geometric games in the classrooms. Presentation and video.
  • Workshop II - B: Create to Learn. APPDATE YOURSELF.
  • Workshop II - C: Promoting STEM in the international offices in schools. Presentation.
  • Workshop III - A: An approach to assessing students' competences developed through math research. Presentation.
  • Workshop III - B: Educational radio astronomy with PARTNeR 
  • Workshop III - C: Make one change in your next STEM class 
  • Workshop IV - A: Sure, I'm interested in your project, you've got 1'. Programme and presentation.
  • Workshop IV - B: ICT for information accessibility in learning (ICT4IAL) 


 Note: this page will be constantly updated until all presentations are collected and published