Sixth Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab

The 6th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab, organized by Scientix, took place in Brussels in May 2015, from Friday 8 (starting time: 19:30) to Sunday 10 (end ~14h).

The programme included:

  • Presentations and workshops from guest projects.
  • Workshops in the Future Classroom Lab.

60 participants from 18 countries joined the event, including:

  • 26 Heads of Schools new to international Scientix events (selected among almost 100 applicants)
  • 7 Future Classroom School Leaders.
  • 22 project / organization representatives
  • and Scientix resources winners

Check out:

  • The programme and participants
  • The welcome presentation from Scientix (pdf, pptx)
  • Project Presentations
    • Mastering inquiry skills using Mysteries
    • Make the link: Global learning in STEM
    • Pushing Manufacturing into the STEM Pipeline
    • The importance of balance between activities, equipment and teaching ideas - Creative classroom
    • KiiCS - An European project about science, art and technology
  • Workshops slides or materials:


 Note: this page will be constantly updated until all presentations are collected and published