Fifth Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab


The 5th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab, organized by Scientix, took place in Brussels in February 2015, from Friday 20 (starting time: 19:30) to Sunday 22 (end ~14h).

The programme included:

  • Presentations and workshops from the winners of the Scientix resources awards (competitions 1 and 2).
  • Presentations and workshops from guest projects.
  • Workshops in the Future Classroom Lab.

60 participants from 25 countries joined the event, including:

  • 18 STEM teachers new to international Scientix events (selected among 260 applicants)
  • eTwinning STEM teachers.
  • Scientix conference poster and Twitter competition winners
  • and Scientix resources winners

Check out:

  • The programme and participants
  • The welcome presentation from Scientix (pdf, pptx)
  • Project Presentations
    • NanoEIS: Nanotechnology Education for Industry and Society
    • Project PRIMAS Challenges and Sustainability
    • astroEDU
    • ENGINEER project
    • Citizen Science at school
    • Quantum Spin-Off: connecting schools with high-tech research and entrepreneurship (pdf)
  • Workshops slides or materials:
    • IBL in Mathematics and Science Education (Examples of Project PRIMAS Successful Stories)
    • Engineer design challenges for pupils. Design a ‘super sucker'
    • Quantum Spin-Off: Learning Stations and Hands-on activities
    • Citizen Science at school
    • Teaching Nanotechnology in Secondary school
    • Go-Lab – accessing remote labs from the classroom
    • Responsible Research and Innovation