24th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab

The 24th Science Projects Workshop at the Future Classroom Lab, co-organised by Scientix and the BLOOM project, took place in Brussels from Friday 14 (starting time: 13:00) to Saturday 15 September (end ~22:00h) 2018.

This workshop welcomed 37 participants in total, including 26 teachers from 17 different countries.

During this special workshop, we had:
  • 10 BLOOM teachers finalising their learning scenarios on how to integrate bioeconomy in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics classes, which they will then be testing in classes, as well as learning about the next tasks, including training other teachers in their use and preparing materials for a MOOC to be launched March 2019. Keep up to date with the BLOOM project's developments via their social media channels in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  • 9 Scientix ambassadors worked ion their contributions to 2 of the 4 modules of the upcoming MOOC "STEM is Everywhere!" which will be starting 29 October 2018, including designing activities which include real life uses of Science in our lives into their lessons, in a real interdisciplinary way. Find out more about the Scientix MOOC here!
  • 7 Scientix ambassadors worked on action plans for schools to achieve a true STEM school status, for the STEM School Label, as part of the output O3 - A progressive pathways’ guide for obtaining the STEM school label. Keep tuned to STEM School Label activities via Scientix!