Second Science projects workshop in the FCL

ECB-inGenious organized in Brussels, on 19 - 21 April, the 2nd Science projects workshop in the Future Classroom lab. It brought together 77 science teachers, career counsellors, industry representatives and project partners from across Europe working on different EC-funded projects to discuss and take forward their programme of work. During the workshop, industry representatives presented and discussed model professions in industry and the necessary skills for successful careers in different companies. The overall aim was to support career counsellors and teachers in providing guidance to their students on possible career paths and opportunities that working in industrial science offers. In addition to the general sessions, part of the weekend included three programmes running in parallel: inGenious career-counsellor dedicated sessions with industry; a training workshop for nanOpinion Teachers’ Coordinators; and a Scientix workshop for eTwinning teachers.

The Scientix workshops gave the participants over the weekend opportunity to discuss and experiment on making STEM teaching more motivating and engaging. The training used the content and best practices of different EC projects which can be accessed through the Scientix portal and the setting and facilities of EUN’s Future Classroom Lab (FCL). The almost 7-hour Scientix workshop ‘Teaching STEM in the future classroom’ was followed throughout by 9 STEM teachers, with the final hour, where the teachers presented the lesson plans, having almost 30 participants. The 50-minute Scientix workshop ‘Moodle, Tablets and other ICT tools to improve Science classes’ had 15 participants carrying out hands-on activities with tablets and using the Scientix Moodle platform. The collaboration with the inGenious and nanOpinion projects ensured cross-dissemination of knowledge among the participants of the different projects.