About the project

Carbon Act aims to bring about wide-ranging impact in climate change and sustainability education by developing a set of exemplary practices and guidelines that will support teachers in their education activities and influence policy and research at a structural level.

According to the 2019 report of the Lancet Countdown on health and climate change, human wellbeing, the stability of local communities, health systems, and governments all depend on how they interface with the changing global climate. An average temperature increase has already resulted in extreme climatic and environmental changes. Left unabated, climate change will define the health profile of current and future generations, challenge already overwhelmed health systems, and undermine progress towards the UN SDGs and UHC.

Education is a critical agent in addressing the issue of climate change. It encourages people to change behaviour and helps them make informed decisions. It paves the way for the implementation of the future European Climate Law.

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Objectives of the Carbon Act project

  1. To promote wider knowledge of climate change and sustainability actions
  2. To support the development of teaching and learning sustainability competences
  3. To gather and organize information on any initiatives underway in schools both at primary and secondary level regarding climate change
  4. To encourage schools and teachers in Europe to embrace the climate change and sustainability challenges in their education activities at all levels.
  5. To foster pedagogical methodologies that facilitate the teaching of life sciences, such as Inquired based science education.
  6. To contribute to STEM attractiveness in schools