Scientix Awards


Eight competitions will be organized between September 2014 and March 2016, approximately every two months.

This is the detailed timeline for each competition:



There will be three categories in each competition: 

  • Category 1: STEM teaching materials specifically addressed to teachers (e.g. teacher guidelines on different methodologies, pedagogies etc. or lesson plans on specific topics).
  • Category 2: STEM teaching material specifically addressed to students (e.g. animations, videos, spreadsheets, questionnaires, quizzes, experimental guidelines, etc. ready to be used in class with students).
  • Category 3: STEM reports (e.g. deliverables, reports, research papers, etc.)

Scientix reserves the right to leave a category empty, change the category assigned to competing resources or add an extra category in each competition upon recommendation of the jury members.


Any resources created in the framework of a public funded project is eligible to be submitted to a competition, provided they fulfil the following requirements:

  • The project that created the teaching material must be included in the Scientix projects library (for how to submit new ones go here). 
  • The resource itself needs to be in the Scientix resources repository.
  • The resources were published the repository within the validity period of each competition. It is important to note it takes some weeks from the moment the resource information reaches the portal managers until the resources are actually published in the repository.

 “New” resources

All resources included in the resources repository during a competitions’ specified period, will be automatically included in that competition. The participating resources per competition will be found in the right menu of this page.

“Old” resources

“Older” resources (i.e. those published before 2014 or those not uploaded during the competition’s specified period) still have a possibility of being included in a specific competition, provided they are explicitly nominated by 10 teachers from at least 2 countries (these teachers cannot belong to the Scientix teachers’ panel). In order to nominate an “older” resource, a teacher must send an email to with:

  • The title of the resource (e.g. Learning Station VIIIB: Scanning Tunneling Microscopy STM)
  • Link to the resource in the Scientix repository (e.g. /resources/details?resourceId=4132)
  • Brief explanation why it should be included in a competition 
  • Teachers’ school name, city and country
  • List of 9 other teachers supporting the nomination (including their full names, names of their schools, cities and countries). 
  • Nominations must be received before the Friday prior to each evaluation week.


Resources may be in any official language from European countries, territories and regions, as well as FP7 associate countries (e.g. Hebrew, Turkish, etc.).



The evaluation will be carried out by a panel of experts according to the following criteria:

  1. Pedagogical Value
  2. Curricular integration
  3. Clarity of presentation
  4. Possibility of Deepening knowledge
  5. Does the resource offer the possibility to use technology in an innovative way
  6. Is the resource free to use for all

More information on the evaluation criteria can be found at the Guide for Participants (English).



Up to four resources will be awarded the Scientix Award for Teaching Resource in STEM education per competition. It is expected to have one winner per category. Additionally, a fourth special award will be granted to resources when deemed appropriate by the jury depending on the resources of the specified period where appropriate. 

Awarded resources will be promoted on the Scientix portal, highlighted in the newsletters, at Scientix events and during the media campaigns.


  • If the resources have been published under a Creative Commons license allowing derivatives, Scientix will translate them into all 24 official EU languages .
  • Two people per awarded resource will be invited to a Scientix Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab  event with flights, meals and hotel covered by Scientix. These two people should be: a representative from the project that created the resource and a teacher of their choice, both preferably involved in the preparation of the resource. During the event, the awarded materials will be the focus of presentations and workshops. 


Good luck!