Scientix TV

Scientix TV brings you learning resources, new trends in STEM, interviews with education policymakers and STEM industry representatives, science experiments to try in your classroom, and much more – all in an entertaining, news-y, online video format.

Each episode is presented by Agueda Gras-Velazquez, Head of the Science Education Department at European Schoolnet, and a rotating cast of co-hosts. Episodes air once a month, except during the summer holidays.

You can watch all previous episodes below.

Episode 21 - Winners of the Scientix Awards!

Welcome to ScientixTV Episode 21! It's the last episode before your well-deserved summer break! Today on the agenda, one thing, and one thing only: celebrating the winners of the Scientix Awards given out during the 2024 edition of the STEM Discovery Campaign, co-organized with LifeTerra! This year's campaign was a big success: 4,600+ activities spanning over 50+ countries and including over 700,000 participants!


Episode 20 - Technology in the classroom: Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in education 

Today we are revisiting the use of Artificial Intelligence in education, this time with a focus on the ethics of AI in the classroom. We talk to Anna Keune, from the Technical University of Munich, whose team has developed resources to discuss AI with your students. We also introduce you to resources provided by Intel, specifically their Skills for Innovation starter packs, which combine digital skills with STEM learning objectives. A classroom experiment shows you the magic of polymers. And much more!


Episode 19 - Teach Green: Integrate SUSTAINABILITY and NATURE-BASED SOLUTIONS into the CLASSROOM

Join us on a journey through the world of sustainability education, with guests who show us how nature-based solutions can improve your teaching. In this episode, we introduce you to the resources provided by the COOLSCHOOLS project, which suggests greening schoolyards to help combat climate change. We also hear from NBS EduWORLD about their new EduDirectory. A classroom experiment shows you how to make a hovercraft out of old CDs. And much more!



Episode 18 - 2024 STEM Discovery Campaign

Join us as we delve into the heart of the 2024 STEM Discovery Campaign, where innovation meets education. In this episode, we explore how you can participate in the campaign, connect with SDC experts, and witness a captivating science experiment featuring lemons and batteries!



Episode 17 - Life Terra, STEM Discovery Campaign, careers

The 2024 STEM Discovery Campaign, the biggest event on the Scientix calendar, is about to start! We talk to Aroa Gregori, from the Life Terra project, which co-organized this year's campaign. We also showcase Terra Mission, which is full of Life Terra's teaching materials centered on sustainability. Our career corner features Thomas Willens, an environmental policy adviser, and Isidora shows you how to make a balloon-powered water fountain in your classroom.



Episode 16 - Classroom experiments and bloopers

This episode of Scientix TV is full of science experiments you can replicate in your classroom, using simple household ingredients. Three educators (Michael Gregory, Giulia Realdon, and George Roungos) demonstrate experiments involving gummy bears, tectonic plates and tiny rockets! Agueda and Isidora have their hands full with an experiment featuring CO2 generated from baking soda and vinegar. And we share some of the funny moments from filming this year's episodes.



Episode 15 - Integrating migrant students; new STEM careers database

This episode of Scientix TV showcases the SPERE initiative (STE(A)M Partnership "Education Resilience in Europe"). This initiative identifed and supports 15 projects which help teachers integrate migrant students into their classes. In this episode, three of these projects present their resources. We also take a look at the new STEM career profiles section of the Scientix platform and meet one of the STEM professionals introduced there.



Episode 14 - Artificial Intelligence in education

This episode of Scientix TV is all about artificial intelligence: how teachers can use it in their practice, how it may affect the future of STEM (and other) jobs, and what policies are in place to protect citizens. We even have a robot explaining to Isidora how to create classroom experiments via ChatGPT!


Episode 13 - Back to School Campaign; particle physics MOOC

This episode of Scientix TV announces several events related to the 2023 Back to School Campaign, such as competitions and career advice chats for students. This episode also features a look at the upcoming Accelerate Your Teaching MOOC, which will guide STEM teachers toward introducing particle physics in their classrooms. The experiment this month shows you how to explain chemical processes by making a beautiful lava lamp in class.


Episode 12 - Teachers on Life Terra; new experiment feature

This episode of Scientix TV features a video prepared by a group of teachers, in which they describe the Terra Mission Educational Packs. We also hear from industry representatives interviewed during the School Innovation Forum in Brussels. Our very own Isidora Salim introduces a new permanent feature of Scientix TV: "Science in Action".


Episode 11 - Teachers share their favorite resources

This episode of Scientix TV showcases five short videos created by teachers who participated in workshops in the Future Classroom Lab at European Schoolnet's offices in Brussels. The teachers share the project outputs they found most useful.


Episode 10 - Women and girls in STEM

Scientix TV celebrates International Women's Day by cloning Agueda, so she can interview herself. The episode also introduces projects that focus on women and girls in STEM subjects and careers. A teacher from Portugal presents a science experiment suitable for very young learners.


Episode 9 - STEM Discovery Campaign

Agueda takes viewers behind the scenes at European Schoolnet. Meet two people working on the 2023 STEM Discovery Campaign and learn more about the new SDC mobile app. Learn how you can showcase your STEM-related activities in the campaign (which runs until the end of April). And hear why, and how, communications technology giant Cisco supports Scientix and STEM education in general.


Episode 8 - Integrated STEM teaching

Agueda speaks with Maria Podlasek-Ziegler, from the European Commission, and introduces learning resources from three different EU-funded projects. An Intel representative introduces the company's teaching resources and speaks with Sarah Neubauer, a STEM teacher from Germany who has used these resources. Michael Gregory presents an experiment on the energy of colours.




Episode 7 - Scientix conference, bloopers, experiments

Agueda speaks with Barbara Quarta, who organized the 4th Scientix International Conference. This last episode of 2022 also looks back at some of the funny mishaps our production crew encountered this year. Michael Gregory presents a selection of experiments gathered during a conference in Mexico.



Episode 6 - NBS and sustainability

Agueda speaks with Francesc Baró from the COOLSCHOOLS project. Deidra Parrish Williams from Trane Technologies speaks about her company's needs for STEM graduates. Tullia Urschitz, a teacher from Italy, speaks about piloting Nature-Based Solutions in her classroom. The experiment shows an easy way for kids to measure the impact of trees and plants on the ambient temperature.



Episode 5 - Immersive education

Agueda speaks with Dr. Tunç Erdal Akdur from the Turkish Ministry of National Education. European Schoolnet's Nikki Medanovic gives a tour of the Future Classroom Lab. Representatives from Lenovo and Qualcomm present immersive technology solutions for the classroom, and Nikki speaks with Teresita Gravina, an Italian teacher who piloted the ARETE app.



Episode 4 - STEM careers

European Schoolnet's Romane Leaute speaks with Vicky Kotsikopoulou, advisor to the Greek Minister of Education and Religious Affairs. Two teachers from the STEAM (IT) Career Advisors Network share their experiences. Ivana Kovac, STEM Alliance coordinator, speaks with the director of m-Schools, an initiative funded by the GSMA. The experiment illustrates the principle underlying flight.



Episode 3 - Summer learning loss

Co-host Mattia Gentile speaks with Nikos Amanatidis, a former principal, on how to prevent learning loss during the summer break. Ivana Kovac, STEM Alliance coordinator, speaks with the president of the Amgen Foundation about the LabXchange platform. Educator and experiment enthusiast George Roungos illustrates atmospheric pressure by crushing a can.



Episode 2 - Motivation for teachers

Ivana Milanovic, coordinator of the Scientix Ambassador program, speaks with three Scientix Ambassadors about how they motivate themselves and their colleagues. Ivana Kovac, STEM Alliance coordinator, speaks with Chryssanthe Sotiriou, a Microsoft Innovative Educator fellow. Educator and experiment enthusiast George Roungos shows us how to change the boiling point of water.



Pilot episode - STEM Discovery Campaign

The first edition of Scientix TV presented results and insights from the 2022 STEM Discovery Campaign. Agueda speaks with Alvaro Molina, a science teacher from Cordoba, Spain. Co-host Bjorn Bachmann speaks with Anita Simac, a Scientix Ambassador from Croatia, about her work promoting Scientix and science education among fellow teachers in her country. European Schoolnet's Isidora Salim shows us how to make elephant toothpaste.