Scientix Reloaded

Since 2009, Scientix has been bringing together resources and best practices in science education across Europe. In that time, the project has collected more than 200 projects, and over 1,000 teaching and learning materials developed by STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) by national and European projects.

The Scientix project is now entering a new phase. The focus of the project will shift more towards the teachers and educators who drive the project forward.

Scientix National Contact Points

The most important innovation is the newly established network of Scientix National Contact Points (NCPs) in almost 30 European countries. As a link between the national and European level, the NCPs will reach out to national communities of STEM education professionals, organising national workshops, webinars or networking events.

Scientix Teacher Panel

Scientix has significantly expanded our Teacher Panel, which now consists of 90 teachers from across Europe. The members of the Panel (known as Scientix Ambassadors and Deputy Ambassadors) will present Scientix to schools and national teachers associations, and assist in developing and testing various tools and services of Scientix. They also give their perspective as teachers in discussions with researchers, project managers or policy makers.

Networking events for Science Education projects

The networking events will bring together project coordinators, managers and other representatives, from European and national science education projects. The goal is to allow projects to share and exchange their experiences, present their work, or start new collaborations.

We are currently working on the programme of the events for 2014. More information will soon be announced on our website and in our email updates.

2nd Scientix Conference

The 2nd Scientix Conference to take place 24-26 October 2014 in Brussels, Belgium. The event will be one of the largest STEM education events in Europe, with over 500 delegates participating, from every area of science education: policymakers, researchers, project managers, and, of course, teachers of STEM subjects.

Follow our website to get the latest information on the conference calls, registration and programme.

And more...

We've also opened the Scientix online meeting room, a free webinar service to organize online meetings or webinars. The Scientix Translation on Demand service is up and running, ready to receive your request. And we continue expanding the project library and resource repository on the Scientix portal and you can again take part in a number of teacher workshops and webinars.

Finally, we've launched a new Scientix Newsletter that will bring every three months the latest stories from both Scientix and across European STEM education landscape. Besides that, the fortnightly Scientix Digest will help you keep track on the latest updates on the Scientix portal.

National Contact Points are key actors in establishing a community for science education in Europe. Through their active involvement in Scientix activities, they are instrumental in developing innovative policies and practices for science education, on the basis of participatory processes.

Gilles LAROCHE, Head of the Science with and for Society Unit at the DG Research and Innovation