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Scientix is looking for dynamic, motivated and creative teachers to join our Scientix Ambassadors Teacher’s Panel which already consists of 377 Scientix Ambassadors selected from the previous edition of Scientix. Scientix Ambassadors are teachers from anywhere in the world, willing to support the dissemination of Scientix and the exchange of practices and knowledge between all STEM education stakeholders.


Scientix Ambassadors will help share Scientix activities at national level and will play an active role in supporting innovation in STEM education in their countries. Their work is essential for expanding and consolidating a community whose core values reside in sharing of good classroom practice, especially in the area of STEM, and making sure that students are equipped with the skills needed to become successful adults.


Scientix Ambassadors will act on a voluntary basis and the requirements to become an Ambassador are:

  1. successfully completing the Scientix STEM is Everywhere MOOC  (either the 2018 edition or the 2020 Rerun);
  2. successfully completing one of the Scientix/STE(A)M IT Integrated STEM teaching MOOCs (either the one for primary or the one for secondary);
  3. approval by the Ministries of Education in the corresponding countries.
  4. successfully completing the 3rd online Scientix Ambassadors Training Course  (SATC) with an overall score of 65% or higher. Invitation to join the SATC will only be possible if points 1, 2 and 3 have been completed. This course will run from December 2020 to January 2021.


14th of October 2020 at 12:00 PM (Brussels time – CEST).


Open to teachers from any country in the world (Only the possibility for Scientix to cover the travel to events and offering stipends for certain tasks is restricted to teachers from EU member countries and H2020 associate countries.).


See the full terms and conditions and the application form. Join us!


Scientix, the community for science education in Europe, promotes and supports European collaboration among STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) teachers, education researchers, policymakers and other STEM education professionals. Since 2010, Scientix has been helping European STEM educators inspire young people to take a keener interest in their science, technology, engineering and mathematics classes. Scientix is funded by the European Union’s Research and Innovation Directorate under the H2020 programme.

In its first stage, Scientix built an online portal to collect and present European STEM education projects which now contains more than 650 projects and 3050 resources. This was followed by the creation of a network of National Contact Points (NCPs) which support the development of innovative approaches in science education at a national level.

Community involvement is important within Scientix, and it aims to provide a common space for all actors in STEM education and create a connection between STEM educators, researchers and policymakers. In Scientix, the community of educators is currently represented by 377 teachers from 43 countries who have volunteered to act as Scientix Ambassadors. They actively support the dissemination of Scientix and contribute to the exchange of practices and knowledge among all STEM education stakeholders in Europe.