In 2012, the European Commission has launched the campaign "Science: it's a girl thing!" to encourage girls aged 13-18 to study science. That is the age range when young people tend to choose major school subjects that will influence their future career. At this point in their education they gravitate towards or away from science and technology studies.

"Science: it's a girl thing!" is rooted in the active participation of women scientists acting as role models. Up to now, more than 100 of them have contributed to the campaign through various activities: participation in events and workshops with teenagers, video portraits, chats on the Facebook page to exchange with girls on their careers and passion for science, and photos of their professional and private life for the 'Instant Science' photo album. .

Through a partnership with Scientix, the campaign is now addressing teachers as well. To this end, a brochure to promote gender equality in the classroom is in preparation, and will be finalised with the support of science teachers and science education/gender experts. The brochure will be part of a “teacher’s suitcase”, together with gadgets from the campaign, and will be free of charge for you. More activities for teachers on gender will be organised in collaboration with Scientix in the course of 2014.

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