The theme for the 2023 STEM Discovery Campaign was:

STEM Identities


The campaign ran from 1 February to 30 April 2023, with a peak of activities from 24-30 April.


This campaign was a record-breaking success. More than 360,000 teachers and students worked hard between February and April 2023 to put their schools on the map and showcase their STEM activities. A big thank you to the thousands of participants who helped us make the 2023 STEM Discovery Campaign the largest ever!

    The SDC23 featured the following competitions:

    • Leonardo 4 Children 2023 Awards
    • STEM Alliance and Intel "Educator Challange"
    • NBS EduWORLD - Nature-Based Solutions in Education
    • Make it Open Schooling Competition
    • Europeana Education Competition
    • Life Terra – Terra Mission challenge
    • STEM Alliance and Scientix in partnership with the SEER - Career Advisers Network: Professional go back to school Competition
    • Look Up – Cloud Hunters Competition