Education Solution Specialist

My job is to provide the best experience in the use of Microsoft technology in the classroom to
government, schools and universities around Europe.

Meet the professional

After a 16-year career as a primary teacher and ICT coordinator of Grupo Sorolla in Valencia, Ovi became a Microsoft Innovative Teacher. Next, he took on responsibility for the educational community and private / subsidized schools of Microsoft Spain. He now works with colleagues and Microsoft Partners across the 10 countries of Western Europe as Modern Classroom Solution Specialist, ensuring that students and teachers using Microsoft technology have the best possible experience.

Ovi Barcelo​​​​​​​


Find out the key skills to becoming an Education Solution Specialist


Project Management

We need to implement technology I the classroom and adapt the use of it to the individual customers.


We need to understand customer needs to better provide the needed value.


In this changing world and in a company like Microsoft, I need to adapt quickly to the new trends.

Presentation and Oral Skills

I demo everyday and present in events. The ability to communicate properly is paramount.

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Career sheet

Advice to take away

Be the best you can be in your strengths, but always with respect. Respect is something that can live together with the ambition to get your goals. Don0t ever lose respect for your teachers, manager, and school and work mates.


The SEER receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme project The SEER (Grant agreement: 101058569) coordinated by European Schoolnet (EUN).

The overarching objective of the SEER project is to provide a set of roadmaps that will pave the way for the policy and institutional changes necessary for the large-scale implementation and mainstreaming of STE(A)M education in Europe. The project will synthesise the status of STE(A)M Education and evaluate gaps in European policies and initiatives while analysing the needs of teachers and schools to support the design of a set of milestones and strategies for key stakeholders, including policymakers, school decision makers, teachers, and industry.

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