Control Systems Engineer

My current job title is Control systems engineer, Mobis Technical Center Europe (MTCE), Mobis Parts
Europe, Eschborn, Germany. It is a part of the Hyundai Mobis group.

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Being a core engineering and R&D job, it directly connects to STEM with all the 4 acronyms STEM consists of. My field is Automotive Engineering and Automotive technology, particularly focused on developing control logics and control techniques for automated driving or developing control logics for improving safety of the passengers while driving and handling safety related critical scenarios such as sudden lane change, or crash avoidance maneuvers etc. Part of the job is also to assist other colleagues in Germany and in Korea with their work (if needed) and also to test control logics on prototype vehicles on test track and asses the performance to make further improvements.



Find out the key skills to becoming a Control Systems Engineer.

When developing something new, or trying to make an already existing logic better, one needs all the analytics skill to critically think, consult with the developers and understand what he/she has developed. Post that comes the analytical reasoning, data analysis and discussions with team to see if the logic works correctly or not or are there any shortcomings with it that needs to be improved. If found any shortcomings, then one does R&D and solve the problem found. Analytical, Communication and Personal and Social Skills are needed.


Openness Towards Feedback and Criticism

Extremely important, will help one to learn and grow in life.


Always be curious in technical field. It helps to learn new things and grow your horizon.

Public Speaking

Important if you want people to know you and want to move ahead in your career.

Team Spirit

Very important, because 1/3rd of your day you spend with your team and colleagues, so you need to have a good, happy and positive team spirit.

Willingness to Integrate

Very important as I work for Korean (and before Japanese) company and also I work in Germany so willingness to integrate is extremely crucial (goes hand-in-hand with flexibility)

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Career sheet

Advice to take away

Learn everything you can, please read newspapers, books, autobiographies etc and gain as much knowledge as you can. Everyone has a path to follow. You just don’t know which one is your path. It is through pursuing different avenues of knowledge and interests that you will realize what clicks for you. Learn music, play sports, do activities as much as you can. The companies do not hire you just for your knowledge but also look into what kind of person you are and if you are a good fit for the team or not. Having a nice all-rounded personality will help you in every aspect of life. It’s one life, live it with passion.


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