Predoctoral Researcher

Chrystal Moore is a Predoctoral Researcher at the University of Barcelona where she is currently
obtaining her PhD in the department of Evolutionary Biology, Ecology, and Environmental Sciences.

Meet the professional

Her PhD is through the EU-funded Life Terra project which aims to empower people to take impactful climate action through citizen planting events to plant 500,000 trees by 2025. Previously, Chrystal worked as a science communicator in various scientific fields—most recently, sustainability. Chrystal has a Masters in Environment and sustainability from Monash University, and a Bachelor of Communication from the University of Newcastle.

Chrysatl Moore​​​​​​​


Find out the key skills to becoming a Predoctoral Researcher.


Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Critical thinking and problem solving are key in research. You must have a curious mind and be willing to investigate deeply and question everything.

Data Management and Tech Proficiency

Proficiency in data management, computer systems, and software is essential for storing and analyzing data, playing a pivotal role in the research process.

Communication and Writing Skills

Effective communication in scientific articles demands strong editing, writing, and social skills. Building connections within the scientific community relies on clear and impactful expression.

Public Speaking and Emotional Intelligence

Engaging with people for data collection requires public speaking, creativity, and emotional intelligence. These skills facilitate effective communication and empathetic understanding in diverse settings.

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Career sheet

Advice to take away

There is always another way! If you don’t get into your dream university or dream course on the first
try, that’s okay. Build resilience and keep trying.


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