Scientix Publication

scientix publication cover page If you teach STEM subjects – or even if you used to teach and you want to continue by contributing both in your country and internationally – this booklet will give you an overview of what Scientix is and does, and how you can get involved and benefit.

As a current teacher, you will also learn how Scientix can assist with your classes and daily teaching, your students and even your professional career.

For a STEM researcher or project manager, Scientix is a ready-made community of teachers and other education professionals. This booklet will give detailed information on the opportunities that exist to engage and collaborate with them.

Policymakers will learn about the available resources, and get an overall picture of the state of affairs in STEM education in Europe, as well as in individual countries. Our network of National Contact Points supports Scientix at the national level. You will also gain insights into the results and outcomes stemming from hundreds of science education projects from the past, present and future.

If you are a career counsellor and you would like to know more about how to promote STEM studies, Scientix can support you. Our specific training activities and tools can also help encourage the uptake of relevant jobs in your schools. And finally, if you are a stakeholder in STEM education – as a parent, or a student or simply a contributing tax-payer – this booklet will give you a comprehensive insight into everything Scientix does and the reason why Scientix is important for science education.

Download the publication (pdf)