The theme for the 2021 STEM Discovery Campaign was:

Sustainability and Citizenship

Running from the 1st of February 2021 until the 30th of April 2021 with a peak of activities during the week of 23-30th April, the STEM Discovery Campaign was a celebration of the ongoing commitment and work carried out by dedicated teachers and any every stakeholder in education to improve science education and literacy in Europe.


2021 STEM Discovery Campaign map:

The SDC21 featured the following competitions:

  • Scientix Competiton 1: STEM Acitivities
  • Scientix Competition 2: STEM Resources
  • The Clean Tech Competition
  • The colours of Science – Atelier for STE(A)M 2
  • STE(A)M IT Competitions for Primary and Secondary schools 2021
  • The STEM Alliance STE(A)M IT - Professionals Go Back to School Competition
  • Nature-Based Solutions in Education Competition for teachers 2021
  • Leonardo 4 Children 2021:Climate Action and Gender Equality
  • The Europeana Education Competition 2021
  • The Three Rs in Education Competition for teachers 2021