Call for teams of primary and secondary school to join STE(A)M IT project to help develop learning scenarios and an online training course on how to teach in an integrated (interdisciplinary) way.


European Schoolnet is looking for four teams of three primary school teachers (teaching students aged 6-11 years) and seven teams of three secondary school teachers (from the same school, teaching the same students aged 12-16) to join the STE(A)M-IT project (January 2020 – July 2021). Among other tasks, the selected teachers will contribute to the project by leading the creation, development and improvement of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) integrated Learning scenarios and Massive Open Online Courses. Each team should be composed of 1 Lead teacher (actively teaching any STEM subject, or “all” subjects if in lower primary) and 2 support teachers (one actively teaching any STEM and one actively teaching any STEM subject or any other subject). The team of teachers are invited to review the full terms and conditions and fill in the application form by the 10th of January 2020. The selected teachers will be officially informed by the 24 of January 2020.

About STE(A)M IT

STE(A)M IT - An interdisciplinary STEM approach connected to all around us, will produce the first European integrated STE(A)M framework.

In order to really get students to see the interest of STEM degrees and careers, and even more importantly, show students, and society at large, the key role that STEM plays in improving our lives and their need for our future, we need STEM to be taught in an integrated way. We need all the components of S to work together. All the letters in STEM to work together. And even better, for all the subjects to work together STE(A)M. We need to apply measures to teach the different disciplines in an integrated way, connected to real life issues. We need “to steam education”. If we “STE(A)M IT”, we can ensure future citizens will be ready to tackle any issues in society, in a collaborative, critical and efficient way.

In order to achieve this, the STE(A)M IT project aims to (1) create and test of a conceptual framework of reference for integrated STE(A)M education; (2) develop a capacity building programme for primary schools teachers and secondary STEM teachers, based on this framework, with a particular focus on the contextualization of STEM teaching , especially through industry-education cooperation, and (3) further ensure the contextualization of the integrated STEM teaching by establishing a network of guidance counsellors/career advisors in schools promoting the attractiveness of STEM jobs to their classes.