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Direção- Geral da Educação (DGE)

Direção- Geral da Educação (Directorate-General for Education) provides technical support to policy making, assesses its execution, and coordinates the planning of evaluation of national tests and exams.

Main activities of DGE are:

  • Development and evaluation of school curricula
  • Development of educational study programmes
  • Coordinating national exams and equivalence tests
  • Promoting and supporting assessment and evaluation studies, within the scope of curricular development and innovation
  • Coordinating, assessing and proposing guidelines, on a scientific, pedagogical and didactic basis, regarding: (1) pre-school and school activities, including special needs education and distance education, (2) academic achievements and the prevention of school dropout; (3) curriculum enrichment activities and sport activities at school; (4) guidance and additional educational support measures.
  • Identifying didactic resources needs, namely concerning textbooks, and ensuring that didactic resources are properly assessed and certified
  • Contributing to the planning of initial, continuous and specialized training of teaching staff, in accordance with the Directorate-General for Education and Science Statistics and the Directorate-General for School Administration
  • Promoting international cooperation within the scope of its area of expertise