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Sulinet Division, Hungarian Ministry for Human Capacities

The Ministry oversees the pedagogical, professional and educational efforts in public education. It is responsible for drawing up the necessary development plans, creating the legislation required for such operations and ensuring that the institutions work at the required standard of quality. It organizes pedagogical, professional assessments, examinations and surveys in the field of public education.

The tasks related to the EUN membership were delegated to the Sulinet Division of Educational Authority by the Ministry of Human Capacities hence the organization is acting as the Hungarian EUN Member on behalf of the Ministry.

The Educational Authority provides and develops IT services for education, runs education-related research and development projects, fulfills administration-type activities in the educational system, and offers pedagogical professional services for teachers. The Authority is also involved in international cooperation, and it acts as the eTwinning NSS for Hungary.

The Educational Authority maintains the Hungarian educational portal Sulinet.

Sulinet Division, Educational Authority, Maros u. 19-21. Budapest 1122 Hungary
Tel: +36-1-3742100