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Croatian academic and research network - CARNet

Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNET is a public institution that now operates under the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports in the field of information and communication technologies and their application in education: from network and Internet infrastructure, through e-services to security and user support. It currently offers over 70 services ranging from education and training to internet connectivity, multimedia, computer security and user support.

CARNET provides various educational programms, tools and services from basic training, online and on-site courses to provision of complex platforms for digital educational resources. It provides nation-wide centralised hosting for learning management systems (based on Moodle). Additionally it provides a number of platforms offering digital education resources including multimedia lessons for STEM subjects, full text of required school literature readings in e-book format, a platform for distribution and purchase of educational e-books, etc. CARNET also has extensive experience in providing online courses, face-to-face training and webinars, and is currently actively developing and conducting MOOCs in the field of ICT use in education.

CARNET is an active member of several major international organisations and conducts international projects. At the moment nine active EU projects are implemented in the fields of computer and communication networks, security and education (seven projects).