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The National Platform Science & Technology has been commissioned by the Dutch government, the education and the business sectors to ensure sufficient availability of people who have a background in scientific or technical education. This approach has been formulated in the Deltaplan Science & Technology, a policy document on how to prevent shortages in the technology sector.

The aims are:

  • to achieve a structural increase of pupils and students in scientific and technical education, and
  • to use existing talent more effectively in businesses and research institutes.

The goal is not only to make careers in science more appealing, but also to introduce educational innovations that will inspire and challenge young people.

Therefore, the National Platform facilitates mutual contact between schools, universities, businesses, ministries, municipalities, regions and sectors. The objective is to ensure that the future supply of knowledge workers will meet the expected demand.


The National Platform Science & Technology is known for its ‘chain approach’. This approach includes programmes carried out by the National Platform that focus on primary to higher education. By investing in youth at an earlier age the potential reach of future science and technology talents is broadened. The programmes are implemented in close collaboration with employers.