Scientix Videos

Scientix presents a variety of video-based resources in different locations of its platform, depending on the context of the respective videos. This page serves as a directory to these videos.

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Advice for teachers, from teachers

These videos feature teachers giving advice on a wide range of classroom topics, such as how to use Augmented Reality devices in class, preparing lessons related to environmental issues, or how to conduct fun science experiments with your students.

Advice from teachers


STEM School Label

STEM School Label

The STEM School Label helps school representatives evaluate their school via an online self-assessment tool according to the criteria defining a STEM School.

In these videos, teachers explain why and how to obtain the label.

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Scientix TV

Scientix TV

Scientix TV presents learning resources, new trends in STEM, interviews with education policymakers and STEM industry representatives, science experiments to try in your classroom, and much more – all in an entertaining, news-y, online video format.

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Careers and industry

Scientix career advice

The videos on this page provide an industry perspective on STEM subjects. You can learn more about the skills needed in various careers, for example, or hear advice from STEM professionals.

Career and industry videos




How to make use of Scientix

There is a lot to be discovered on the Scientix portal. The videos on this page will help you get the most out of everything the community offers – and inspire you to contribute, as well.

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Scientix Conferences

Scientix Conference

Scientix conferences bring together teachers, policymakers, researchers, project managers and other education stakeholders. You can access recordings from the various conferences by clicking below.

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Scientix Interview Series

Scientix Interviews

The Scientix interview series aims to present different stakeholders in STEM policy and practice. The line-up includes researchers, teachers, education managers and science communicators who will share their views on the challenges and opportunities in STEM teaching and learning.


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