Scientix presentations at international conferences

Event Dates Venue Presentation
Ciència i aula 6 March 2013 Barcelona, Spain  
Flemish teachers at the FCL 8 March 2013 Brussels, Belgium View on slideshare
LINQ 2013 16-17 May 2013 Rome, Italy View on slideshare
EAC 2013 21-23 May 2013 Jerusalem, Israel View on slideshare
ISSE 2013 10-12 June 2013 Helsinki, Finland View on slideshare
EDEN 2013 12-15 June 2013 Oslo, Norway View on slideshare
ASTRONET2 17-18 June 2013 Heidelberg, Germany View on slideshare
Pathway Summer School 2013 30 June-5 July 2013 Crete, Greece View on slideshare
ICTE 2013 9-11 September 2013 Roznov pod Radhostem, Czech Republic View on slideshare
MPTL'18 2013 11-13 September 2013 Madrid, Spain View on slideshare
SECURE final Conference 24-25 October 2013 Mechelen, Belgium View on slideshare
Media & Learning 2013 12-13 December 2013 Brussels, Belgium View on slideshare
Association KU Leuven in Flanders 27 January 2014 Leuven, Belgium View on slideshare
The Open Science 27-28 February 2014 Prague. Czech Republic View on slideshare
inGenious 3rd academy 6-9 March 2014 Stockholm, Sweden View on slideshare
African European Academies for Science Education (AEMASE) 19-20 May 2014 Rome, Italy  
Intel STEM educators academy 22-24 June 2014 Jerusalem, Israel  
EDULEARN2014 7-9 July 2014 Barcelona, Spain View on slideshare
Go-Lab Summer School 13-18 July 2014 Athens, Greece View on Slideshare
11th International Conference on Hands-on Science 21-25, July 2014 Aveiro, Portugal View on slideshare
INP2014 (International Partnership Network) 10 September 2014 Brussels, Belgium  
Conference on citizen science in Europe 22 September 2014 Brussels, Belgium View on slideshare
Visit of representatives of Malaysian Ministry of Education to European Schoolnet 29 September 2014 Brussels, Belgium  
Engaging tools for science education 31 October - 2 November 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria View on Slideshare
Flanders' Future as a Knowledge Society 28 November 2014 Brussels, Belgium View event programme
Educating the educators Conference 15-16 December 2014 Essen, Germany View on Slideshare
IPN International Space Education Professional Development Programme 1-6 February 2015 Houston, Texas, USA  
Lockheed Martin meeting 9 February 2015 Denver, Colorado, USA  
Space Foundation meeting 10 February 2015 Denver, Colorado, USA  
International Conference New Perspectives in Science Education 4th edition 20-21 Mar 2015 Florence, Italy View on Slideshare
T3 Europe Conference, Sharing Inspirations 2015 conference 27-29 March 2015 Madrid, Spain  
STEAM Barcelona International Conference: Teaching and learning in the 21st century 17-18 April 2015 Barcelona, Spain See video summary
Mascil General Assembly, 2nd Meeting of European Professional Development Centres of Maths and Science Education 6-7 May 2016 Vilnius, Lithuania  
ECWT – European Centre For Women And Technology Meeting 2015 23 October 2015 Lisbon, Portugal  
Seminario IBL – uma metodologia que vale a pena conhecer 24 October 2015 Setubal, Portugal View on Slideshare
JamToday Fair 30 November – 1 December 2015 Barcelona, Spain  
Presentation to Slovak Ministry of Education representative 28 January 2016 Brussels, Belgium  
Kick-off of Open Schemer 8 February 2016 Innsbruck, Austria  
7th Science And Mathematics Education Conference (SMEC) 16-17 June 2016 Dublin, Ireland  
EDUTINKER - International Conference Technology, Innovation and New Keys for Educational Resources 5 July 2016 Bilbao, Spain  
13th European Conference on Research in Chemical Education (ECRICE) 7-10 September 2016 Barcelona, Spain  
Global Education Symposium 15-17 September 2016 New York, United States  
LangOER Final Conference 26 - 27 September 2016 Brussels, Belgium View on Slideshare
European Schoolnet Future Classroom Lab Open Day 12 October 2016 Brussels, Belgium View on Slideshare
Space Education International Workshop 18-22 October 2016 Leiden, The Netherlands  
III Jornades sobre l’ensenyament de les ciències a infantil i primària 11-12 November 2016 Madrid, Spain  
Great Start in Life! The Best Possible Education in Early Years 30 November - 1 December 2016 Brussels, Belgium  
EvoKE 2017 6-8 February 2017 Porto, Portugal  
L’educació de les Ciències A Europa 16 February 2017 Valencia, Spain  
L’educació de les Ciències A Europa 17 February 2017 Elche, Spain  
Jornada/Conferencia sobre programas europeos 21 February 2017 Pamplona, Spain  
The Youth Mobile Festival (YOMO) 27 February 2017 Barcelona, Spain  
eNESTT Project Meeting 27 February 2017 Brussels, Belgium  
DG CNECT Project Meeting 27 March 2017 Luxembourg  
Teen Science Café 28-29 March 2017 Valletta, Malta  
SEIS INSIGHT Task Force Meeting 10 May 2017 Valbonne, France  
BIOTALENT: Tackling biodiversity challenges through innovative learning 18 May 2017 Brussels, Belgium  
Microsoft STEM Pilot Schools Leadership Kick-Off 24 May 2017 Brussels, Belgium  
REDES-INNOVAESTIC 2017 1-2 June 2017 Alicant, Spain  
¡Aprender Hoy Para Resolver Mañana! Las Competencias Stem (Ciencia, Tecnología, Ingeniería, Matemática) 3-5 July 2017 San Sebastian, Spain  
Curso de verano de la UIMP organizado con el INEE/Ministerio de Educación 10-14 July 2017 Corunha, Spain  
HundrED Global Innovation Summit 2017 4-6 October 2017 Helsinki, Finland  

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