About the project

OUTSTE(A)M is working towards developing a toolkit that will help teachers and educators promote high quality outdoor learning experiences in the field of STE(A)M, as a means of addressing the insufficient attention given to STE(A)M education in early childhood education and care settings (ECEC) as well as in primary schools. Namely, this project efforts address vast challenges and concerns such as:

  • Lack of a solid foundation of awareness and interest in STEM from early years
  • Combating gender stereotypes regarding STE(A)M careers
  • Lack of initiatives that focus on integrating sustainability in the early years
  • Disconnection from nature
  • Lack of sufficient outdoor pedagogy
  • Lack of approaches that incorporate technology as a pedagogical tool

How will OUTSTE(A)M address these challenges?

To tackle these challenges, OUTSTE(A)M will create a toolkit available for all teachers and educators. The toolkit will comprise from Job Profiles, Learning Scenarios, additional visual resources, Games and Toys and instructional Guidelines with the aim to help teachers and educators engage children in hands-on and STE(A)M based learning experiences that promote critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity while fostering an appreciation for sustainability and gender equality.

OUTSTE(A)M’s efforts contribute to the child-centred curriculum-based approaches on free play and exploration and encourages the use of age-appropriate technology as a tool for learning in and about nature. Furthermore, OUTSTE(A)M fosters pedagogical methodologies that facilitate the teaching of life sciences, such as outdoor education, and contribute to the attractiveness of STE(A)M education from an early age.

In overview, OUTSTE(A)M strives to empower educators and teachers and provide them with clear guidelines and tools to bring about a high quality, inclusive, and experiential education that will equip children with the right mindset and skills to participate in a sustainable and technologically advanced future.

What is STE(A)M?

The term STE(A)M expands on the traditional STEM acronym (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) by incorporating the “A” as a reference to “All”. In this case “A” signifies even further the importance of connecting STEM to all other disciplines.

From this standpoint, STE(A)M education aims to cultivate well-rounded individuals with a holistic understanding of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the arts (all).

This interdisciplinary approach encourages teachers and educators to apply measures to teach the different disciplines in an integrated way ensuring in this way collaboration, creativity and innovation while helping children to tack complex challenges and succeed in an increasingly technology-driven society.


  • Learning Scenarios
  • Job Profiles
  • Games and toys
  • Visual Materials
  • OUTSTE(A)M Guidelines
  • MOOC

The Partners

OUTSTE(A)M and its goals are made possible only through collaboration with esteemed partners, each bringing unique expertise to the table:

European Schoolnet (EUN):

As a network of 34+ ministries of education in Europe, EUN contributes by acting as the coordinator of OUTSTE(A)M. EUN is also involved with the creation and curation of high-quality learning scenarios, Job Profiles, and Guidelines tailored to OUTSTE(A)M’s objectives.


Asociacion de Investigacion de la Industria del Juguete conexas y afines (AIJU):

AIJU is a Technological Institute specialized in toys, children’s products, and leisure. With over 30 years of experience, AIJU focuses on curating engaging games and toys to enhance STEM learning experiences.


Dublin City University (DCU):

A renowned research university in early childhood education and STEM, DCU plays a vital role in evaluating OUTSTE(A)M’s learning scenarios, job profiles, games, toys and other materials, ensuring their effectiveness in educational settings and adjustments to curriculums.


Stichting International Child Development Initiatives (ICDI):

ICDI, a knowledge organization at the nexus of research, policy, and practice, is dedicated to creating nurturing environments for children. For our OUTSTE(A)M, ICDI curates essential Guidelines to support the project’s mission and help teachers and educators maximize the use of Learning Scenarios, Job Profiles, Games and Toys as well as the materials that will be part of OUTSTE(A)M’s toolkit.