Scientix in your country

Scientix National Contact Points

Scientix National Contact Points (NCPs) provide an important link between Scientix at a European level and activities taking place in your country.  They engage with national communities of STEM professionals, inform about Scientix activities and organise national workshops, webinars and other activities.

NCPs also monitor and analyse national initiatives regarding science education policy and practice, to be published on the Scientix website, providing an overview of the national initiatives in science education taking place across Europe.

Scientix Ambassadors

The Scientix Ambassadors – members of our Teacher Panel – promote and inform about Scientix to their peers - science and mathematics teachers across Europe.

They present Scientix in schools and national teachers associations, on conferences and workshops, and can advise teachers how to get involved in European collaboration in STEM. They also assist in developing and testing various tools and services of Scientix and ensure the pedagogical quality of the Scientix repository.

If you would like to organise a presentation of Scientix in your school, or as part of an event, you can contact the Scientix Ambassadors in your country or region: