The 2023 STEM Discovery Campaign: meet the winners

Find out who won the SDC23 competitions and awards.

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STEM Discovery Campaign

New Scientix TV episode!

Scientix TV celebrates International Women's Day by ... cloning Agueda?

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Scientix TV

Scientix Newsletter is out!

This edition of the Newsletter will explore the challenges of promoting diversity in STEM fields.

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SCX Newsletter


12 Years of Scientix

How time flies! Scientix has been around for more than a decade. In this video, we share some of the insights gathered since the start of the project.


Latest project

Carbon Act

Carbon Act aims to bring about a wide-ranging impact on climate change and sustainability education by developing a set of exemplary practices and guidelines that will support teachers in their education activities and influence policy and research at a structural level.

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Creativity, Culture and Collaboration to combat climat change - C6

The idea behind C6 is to raise awareness among young people and youth about the challenges we face due to climate change and to educate them about healthy and sustainable lifestyles via creative, engaging, and practical methods such as handbooks, e-learning, workshops, and exhibitions.

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Latest News

SDC23 results

The 2023 STEM Discovery Campaign has been record-breaking

The 2023 STEM Discovery Campaign is over, and this year has been record-breaking with over 2,000 activities organised worldwide. Running from the beginning of February to the end of April, the campaign brings together and connects STEM enthusiasts from all over the world to promote and innovate in STEM education.

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The SEER organises a focus group discussion with Ministries of Education

On 22nd March 2023, Ministries of Education representatives from Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Finland, Lithuania, Romania, and Portugal attended the Scientix Ministries of Education STEM Working Group Meeting in the EUN office in Brussels.

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