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Participate in the 2023 STEM Discovery Campaign competitions! Watch the video below to find out how.

Follow these basic steps to enter a competition:

  • Log in with your EUN username and password (register as a user if you haven't already)
  • Pin an activity on the map (instructions here)
  • Fill out the submission form, which you will find in the “About” section of the STEM Discovery mobile app or here.


In the following, you will find the necessary information for each competition, ordered by the partner projects of the campaign:

Leonardo4Children IntelNBS EduWorldMake it OpenEuropeana Life Terra
Career Adviser NetworkCloud Hunters

Leonardo 4 Children

Leonardo 4 Children 2023 Awards

The non-profit initiative “Leonardo 4 Children 2023 Awards: Climate, Equality and Peace” is dedicated to addressing the issues of climate change, discrimination, and peace between people while supporting children in need through art and science education.

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, this award will allow children and teenagers to use and foster their creativity, analytical and artistic skills in a proactive way.

Have you already participated in one of the awards or are you planning to do so? Share it with the world! Pin your activity on the STEM Discovery Campaign map and be eligible to win one of the Scientix awards!

How to proceed?

  1. Sign in to the Scientix portal or the STEM Discovery Campaign application, following this procedure.
  2. Fill in the activity submission form (instructions). You need to enter the following information:
  • If you are planning to participate in one of these awards, write the title of the work that you are planning to use to apply for them and a short description of your plans, and select one of the following categories: “Other” or “Creation of other educational materials”. When the system asks for a website, fill in:
  • If you have already participated in one of these awards, write the title of the work that you have submitted to participate in the award, a short description of this work and your reflection on it, and select one of the following categories: “Other” or “Creation of other educational materials”. When the system asks for a website, fill in:


Educator challenge

The STEM Alliance and Intel are organizing the "Educator Challenge" competition, which calls for educators in primary and secondary schools in Europe to explore the lesson plans from Intel's Skills for Innovation Starter pack and carry out the lessons with their students.

For more information and to submit your entry, click here.

→ Terms and conditions


Nature-Based Solutions in Education

The “Nature-Based Solutions in Education Competition for Teachers 2023” is organised by the NBS EduWORLD project funded by the European Union, and is supported by Scientix and Trane Technologies.

The competition aims to increase awareness of the value and benefits of teaching about nature-based solutions (NBS) to students of all ages.

To participate in the NBS EduWORLD Competition, teachers need to create and submit an original Learning Scenario in English introducing students to the benefits of nature-based solutions (NBS).

→ See the full terms and conditions of the Competition and how to apply here.

The entries will be evaluated under any of the three main categories: “NBS in the classroom”, “NBS outside of the classroom”, and “NBS creative thinking” (including, e.g., arts or sports elements). The winners of the Competition will be invited to either an exclusive Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab of European Schoolnet in Brussels in 2023, with the support of Trane Technologies, Scientix, and other projects, or to take part in a Summer School Programme organised by Ellenogermaniki Agogi in Greece, depending on the level of NBS knowledge each winning entry is based on, e.g., beginner, advanced, expert. All shortlisted and winning entries will be published in the Scientix Resource Repository and other NBS portals.

→ Enter the competition here.


Make it Open Schooling Competition

The “Make it Open Schooling (MiO) Competition for Teachers 2023” aims to foster the use of an Open Schooling approach to teaching and learning in primary and secondary education. In addition, its goal is to increase awareness of the value and benefits of employing such an innovative pedagogical approach.

To enter the competition, check out section V of the Terms and conditions.


Europeana Education Competition

The Europeana Education Competition 2023 is an educational competition, which aims to highlight the importance of integrating innovative pedagogical approaches into educational activities, using arts and science digital heritage to raise awareness about today’s society’s big issues.

It encourages teachers and non-formal educators to focus on the reuse of available resources, include innovative ways of using Europeana arts and science digital heritage in their educational activities and share their Story of Implementation about it.

→ See the full terms and conditions of the Competition and how to participate here.

Life Terra – Terra Mission challenge

Join the second “Terra Mission Challenge”, by motivating your students for climate action. One competition, two streams.

Don’t forget to pin your activity in the 2023 STEM Discovery map. Winners of this competition will be invited to participate in very important dissemination activities, educational initiatives and training opportunities organized by Life Terra or Scientix, gaining immense visibility for you and your school.

→ See the full terms and conditions of the Competition and how to participate here.

Career Advisers Network Competition

Career Advisers Network: Professional go back to school Competition

The Career Advisers Network Professionals Go Back to School is organised by the STEM Alliance and Scientix in partnership with the SEER, funded by the Horizon Europe Program of the European Union.

The competition aims to encourage teachers to organise activities with STEM professionals in class and share with their peers. Participants need to:

  • Organise an activity with a STEM professional in or outside the classroom (invite the expert in person, organise a chat online, visit the expert in their place of work, invite the expert to participate in a fieldtrip with students, etc)
  • Write in collaboration with the expert a career sheet in English and using the template provided to be included in the Repository of STEM job profiles (presenting the expert’s area of expertise, their daily job, their study path, etc…)
  • Write a story of implementation in English to share with other teachers, describing the activity and introducing briefly the professional, outlining feedback from students, the lessons learnt by the teacher, and any additional information deemed necessary by the participant to give a complete description of their activity.

The competition is open to Primary and Secondary school teachers. The participants are encouraged to review the Handbook for Career Advisers, the guidelines on how to introduce STEM jobs in class, and the STEM Alliance’s advice to teachers on how to connect with industry to find advice and guidance on how to connect with STEM Industry experts and organise events with professionals.

Information about the competition and how to participate is included in the Terms and Conditions.

The winners of the competition will be invited to an exclusive Science Project Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab of European Schoolnet held in Brussels in 2023 (on Friday / Saturday), with the support of the STEM Alliance, Scientix, and the SEER.

Look Up – Cloud Hunters Competition

Look Up – Cloud Hunters Competition

For the “2023 STEM Discovery Campaign”, the projects “GLOBE Program Elementary K-4" and “Science Picnic/Znanstveni piknik 2023” are announcing their second competition - the “Look Up – Cloud Hunters” for schools and kindergartens! The competition will allow children (age 5-11) and teachers to explore the possibilities of the mobile application „GLOBE Observer“ by observing clouds and atmosphere conditions, and taking photos of interesting clouds on a mobile phone camera or tablet as an art activity with STE(A)M approach and become the "Cloud Hunters". Activity is based on the methodology of the international GLOBE Program and uses the „GLOBE Observer Clouds“ application. Students will have the opportunity to explore and discover different use of technology that will allow them to become citizen scientists for a better understanding of the planet Earth as a system. The main goal is to raise awareness and inspire students to explore the world around them together with their teachers.

The competition is aimed at kindergarten and primary school teachers, teaching students between the ages of 5 to 11 years old in the following countries To participate in the competition please read the Terms and conditions of the competition, follow the steps on how to participate described in the document and send the required materials by 30 April 2023 to this email