The SEER makes STE(A)M Education policy EASY


The SEER project is developing a Roadmap that will pave the way for the policy and institutional changes necessary for the large-scale implementation and mainstreaming of STE(A)M education in Europe.

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CROPS: Growing Citizen Science Across Europe


In January 2024, a new Horizon Europe project kicked off. CROPS: Curating, Replicating, Orchestrating, and Propagating Citizen Science across Europe is a three-year initiative with a clear mission: support and grow Citizen Science initiatives across Europe.

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Educators Engage with the SEER Project and STE(A)M Education during a Future Classroom Lab Workshop !


On the 18th of March, the SEER Project organised a 1.5h workshop with the 23 teachers attending the week-long Future Classroom Lab course in Brussels. Educators were introduced to the SEER project and its first results, they learned about the integration of STEM and non-STEM subjects under the STE(A)M approach, explored student-centered pedagogies underpinning this practice, and reflected on the role of STE(A)M education in helping students develop 21st century skills.

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