Carbon Act


Carbon Act aims to bring about a wide-ranging impact on climate change and sustainability education by developing a set of exemplary practices and guidelines that will support teachers in their education activities and influence policy and research at a structural level.

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NBS EduWORLD (Nature-Based Solutions Education Network)


NBS EduWORLD is an EC-funded Horizon Europe project (Grant Agreement N. 101060525) aimed at nurturing an NBS-literate society by supporting a just transition to a sustainable future. For this, NBS EduWORLD will create an NBS community that facilitates synergies between NBS professionals and education providers, and ensures free and easy access to NBS knowledge and resources for all.

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BeReady, Supporting the continuation of teaching STEM subjects during the COVID-19 pandemic through project-based online practices.


The Covid-19 outbreak has forced schools into new modes of learning that are limiting and incomplete as teachers and students work at a distance. The challenges this situation imposed on teachers includes the necessity of quick development of high-quality educational content, teaching methodology adjustment and meaningful use of a variety of digital tools. The BeReady project builds a strategic partnership for Digital Education Readiness in the field of STEM education, aiming at supporting secondary school teachers of STEM subjects in continuing their teaching online. In achieving this goal, an online course that revolves around the online realization of STEM projects will be offered to the teachers, together with educational resources (videos, presentations, simulations and more).

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SeLFiE, STEAM Educational Approach And Foreign Language Learning In Europe


The SeLFiE project has been funded with the support of the European Commission through the Erasmus+ programme (2020-1-ES01-KA201-081850). The main objective of SELFIE is to improve the competences of bilingual primary school teachers and their trainers, and to improve science teaching and foreign language competence of primary school children. Through the analysis of the integration of CLIL, IBSE, and ELP in Primary Education, we will try to define a bilingual teacher profile, in order to train and support in-service and trainee teachers in the new methodologies and models developed for second language learning through STEAM topics.

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DigiPhysLab, Developing Digital Physics Laboratory Work for Distance Learning


Currently, physics lab tasks used in higher education are often focused on developing content knowledge (even though research has shown that this is not effective) and are not suited for distance learning. The DigiPhysLab -project addressed this by developing physics lab tasks that are focused on developing experimental skills and that are suitable for distance learning e.g. via the use of mobile phone sensors.

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3C4Life es un proyecto que pretende hacer frente a la actual escasez de docentes en Europa haciendo más atractiva la profesión. Como parte del proyecto, se ha desarrollado la plataforma en línea teach4life para respaldar al profesorado de STEM en su desarrollo profesional. La plataforma ofrece interesantes salidas profesionales, sirve de plataforma para la colaboración y el intercambio con colegas de toda Europa y aporta ideas para la labor docente.

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