Remarkable Numbers for the 2023 Scientix Ambassadors Teachers’ Panel: 1,283 Ambassadors from 51 Countries


Scientix is thrilled to announce the addition of over 200 new members who are joining the Scientix Teachers’ Panel in 2023. These dedicated, dynamic, and creative educators come from 51 different countries across the globe, adding up to 1283 in total. Together, they will embark on a mission to promote and spread Scientix activities nationally, playing a pivotal role in fostering and advancing the future of STEM education.

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Join the Terra Mission MOOC Rerun and help your students become climate experts


Teaching sustainability is no longer a modern trend but a need for the time we live in. To face today's challenges, it is essential to raise environmental awareness among students and empower them to take climate action. You are not sure how to guide them? Where to get the inspiration and knowledge? Join the 'Terra Mission MOOC Rerun: Teaching Sustainability for Action' and learn how to help your students become climate and environmental experts.

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The SEER connects with teachers in the Future Classroom lab in Brussels to explore integrated STEM Education


Between the 17th and the 28th of April 2023, the European Schoolnet team of the SEER project organised two 1.5h workshops on STE(A)M education and the SEER project for teachers attending weeklong courses in the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels. The two workshops, titled respectively "STEM and Arts", and "The Future of STEM Education” focused on the value of integrated STEM education, the methodology of integrating STEM subjects with non-STEM subjects, and how to overcome the possible challenges that teachers may face when working collaboratively with their peers on STE(A)M lessons.

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