The STEM Discovery Campaigns


The most prominent of the campaigns organized by Scientix, the STEM Discovery Campaign, is a joint international initiative that invites educators, projects, organisations, libraries, schools, universities, youth clubs and all interested stakeholders across Europe and the world to celebrate careers and studies in the fields of STEM.

During the campaign, the participants share their STEM education-related activities on a clickable world map, from where the community can access, and then reproduce, these activities.

Originally a weeklong event, the STEM Discovery Campaign since 2020 runs from the beginning of February to the end of April each year. Aside from a dip at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has grown dramatically from year to year, as shown in the graph below.


For more information on individual STEM Discovery Campaigns, click the respective links below.


Current initiatives

The 2024 STEM Discovery Campaign


The 2024 STEM DiscoverY Campaign was a great success! Meet the winners of the Scientix Awards here!

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Past initiatives

The 2023 STEM Discovery Campaign


The theme for the 2023 STEM Discover Campaign was STEM Identities. 

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The 2022 STEM Discovery Campaign


The theme of the seventh edition of the STEM Discovery Campaign was STEM for All

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The 2021 STEM Discovery Campaign & STEM SCHOOL LABEL CAMPAIGN 1 *


The 6th edition of the STEM Discovery Campaign focused on sustainability and citizenship.

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The 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign


The fifth edition of the STEM Discovery Campaign had the theme of "Innovative Trends in Education".

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The fourth edition of the STEM Discovery Week ran under the theme of "Best practices in using innovative STEM resources".

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STEM Discovery Week 2018 was celebrated under the tagline of “Say 'Yes' to STEM”, which described the partners’ open-minded and dedicated support to STEM subjects at school.

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STEM Discovery Week 2017

SDW2017 The second edition of the STEM Discovery Week, in 2017, was the first to introduce contests, where teachers and other educators made their own posters, organised events in STEM education or discussed their favourite science books!

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STEM Discovery Week 2016

STEM Discovery Week Banner  

Scientix actively supported the STEM Discovery Week 2016, an initiative of the STEM Alliance project

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