2023 Lenovo Competition

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STEM ALLIANCE - LENOVO Competition 2023

Winners of the Competition

The nine winners of the competition are:

Category Students age 14 and over:

  • 1st: Selcuk Yusuf Arslan, Turkey, Recycling smart
  • 2nd: Honorata dos Santos Costa Pereira, Portugal, Waste4Waves
  • 3rd: Manuel Jesús Carrasco Ruiz, Spain, Smart pedestrian crossing


Category Students age 11-13:


  • 1st: António João Lopes, Portugal, Smart (AI) House
  • 2nd: Stavroula Skiada, Greece, The music we can...see!
  • 3rd: Silvana Jakimovska Binova, North Macedonia, Emoji Bot


Category Students age 10 and under:


  • 1st: Maria Giovanna Battaglia, Italy, MathCrazyDice
  • 2nd: Andres Garcia Vega, Spain, The Earth's satellites
  • 3rd: Hayriye Olgun, Turkey, From waste to QRMicroscope


Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all those who participated, your passion for education and commitment to shaping the future of STEM education inspire us all!





Competition description

The STEM Alliance and Lenovo organized the STEM Alliance and Lenovo Competition: Turning Waste into Educational Wonder within the Back to School Campaign 2023.

What is it about?

The Competition called for educators in primary and secondary schools in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to explore Lenovo's Activity Booklet, draw inspiration from the proposed activities, and develop a new and creative project fostering students' creative and innovative thinking.

Lenovo supplies engaging educational materials for the competition, designed to encourage hands-on, interactive teaching of STEM subjects, while also promoting awareness of sustainability and waste management. Utilizing these materials, educators will learn to incorporate STEM lessons into real-life activities, explore recycling methods for classroom projects, and inspire students' interest in limitless STEM career possibilities.

Duration of the competition:

The competition ran from from September 18, 2023 to November 30, 2023. Educators were able to submit their entries until November 30, 2023, at 23:59 Central European Time (CET).

Are you willing to participate? Here are the steps to follow:

To participate in this competition, educators should explore the Lenovo's Activity Booklet, and draw inspiration from the proposed activities, and develop a new and creative project with their students. After they have created the working project with the classrooms, educators should share their PowerPoint presentation using the given template.

Have a look at the Terms and Conditions for more information.

To successfully submit the activity, educators should follow these steps:

STEP 1: Download Lenovo's Activity Booklet


To access the materials and enter the competition, the educators should download Lenovo's Activity Booklet from the official webpage.

STEP 2: Get inspired by Lenovo's Activity Booklet and make your own project with your classroom


The educators should explore Lenovo's Activity Booklet and be inspired by the proposed activities, developing a new and creative project with their students.

The educators should implement the activity in their classroom and make sure to document the working process as well as the final project and main outcomes.

It is important to note that the project should not be replicated directly from the instructions in the booklet, as its purpose is solely to inspire creativity.

STEP 3: Prepare and submit your entry


The submission consists of two components, the first being the preparation of a PowerPoint presentation and the second being a submission form.

Part 1: Prepare the PowerPoint presentation:

The educator should prepare the PowerPoint presentation using the provided template.

When working on the PowerPoint Presentation, participants must pay attention to the evaluation criteria that could serve as guidelines, which are added to slide 5.

Part 2: Submission

The educators should fill in the submission form.

While filling the submission form, participants must select the appropriate age category for which they are entering the competition. The age categories are the following:

• 10 and under

• 11-13

• 14 and over

STEP 4: Spread the Word!


Let the world know about your participation in the competition and the Back to School Campaign 2023 by sharing your activities in social media and tagging the STEM Alliance, as well as by using the #23backtoschool and #waste2wonder or all your social media messages.

STEP 5: Win your prize!

In December 2023, the organisers will announce the winners. The selected winners will be eligible for awards.

The competition awards two distinct types of prizes for the winning entry:

- one personal award for the participating teacher

- one for the winner's school.

There will be a total of 9 winners (three winners from each category) ranked from the first to third place. Among the prizes awaiting you are Winbook laptops, Arduino UNO R4 WiFi kits, Intel Skills for Innovation Experiences, Lenovo LanSchool Licenses, Opportunity to present at the prestigious British Educational Training and Technology Show ("BETT") and a feature in the ESG Lenovo booklet showcasing your project. These rewards are your gateway to unlocking innovative and interactive learning, enhancing classroom experiences, and fostering students' creative thinking.



Watch this video to know more about the competition and the steps you need to follow to submit your entry:

Watch here the full recording.



If you have any doubts about the competition, we recommend you to read this document that contains a series of questions commonly asked by potential participants to the competition. If you don't find an answer to your question, please don't hesitate to contact us.