Fourth Scientix Conference


 4th Scientix International Conference


This web page features video recordings of the parallel sessions and workshops held at the 4th Scientix International Conference.

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Parallel track 1 – STEM and Sustainability

Parallel session 1.1

Michela Tramonti: “BIG GAME - Immersive and Multidisciplinary STEM Learning through a Cooperative Story-Driven Digital Game”


Parallel session 1.2

Efi Dariou: “Water is everywhere, but there is not a drop for us to drink”


Parallel session 1.3

Anita Simac: “The SEE Eco STEAM Project”


Parallel session 1.4

Nathalie Van Isacker: “The multiple ways to use the European Atlas of the Seas in education”


Parallel track 2 – Competence learning and motivation


Parallel session 2.1

Minh-Tuan Dang: “The investigation for improvement of STEM education for students majoring in Natural Science Pedagogy at the VNU University of Education”


Parallel session 2.2

Patricia Barciela: “Citizen science and youth clubs: the Domus experience”


Parallel session 2.3

Hubert Rovers: “EFDN STEM Football and Education Programme”


Parallel session 2.4

Tamaryin Godinho: “Science in School”


Parallel track 3 – Contextualization of STEM teaching


Parallel session 3.1

Iva Cuzic: “Story of Hackathon: How it can become new age tool for learning in STE(A)M education”


Parallel session 3.2

Jose Manuel Viñas Diéguez: “Being Biomaker”


Parallel session 3.3

Andreea Puiu: “The pedagogy of happiness at school when teaching STEAM subjects”


Parallel session 3.4

Paraskevi Foti: “Role models and good examples in kindergarten school”


Parallel track 4 – Research and schools


Parallel session 4.1

Fina Guitart: “ELEMENTAL SECRETS” An escape room to relate elements to everyday life, arts and sustainability issues”


Parallel session 4.2

Amir Mohammad Kadkhoda: “A study on the effect of teaching the subject of energy using STEM approach on students' reasoning and problem solving skills”


Parallel session 4.3

Brian Campbell: “4 Years and Counting of the Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign”


Parallel session 4.4

Iraklis Varlamis: “FOSSBOT: An open design and software approach to develop a low-cost robotic solution for supporting STEAM education”


Parallel track 5 – Specific STEM topics


Parallel session 5.1

Alice Raffaele: “ROAR: how to improve Grade 10-12 interest and motivation in mathematics through a learning path based on operations research.”


Parallel session 5.2

Muriel Grenon: “Changing Cell Explorers practices to widen participation in educational STEM outreach activities”


Parallel session 5.3

Panagiotis (Takis) Angelopoulos: "Open Technologies in Education Competition"


Parallel session 5.4

Stefania Bocconi: “Do we need to think computationally to understand the world around us?”


Parallel track 6 – STE(A)M and STEAM


Parallel session 6.1

Ivana Milanovic: “Scientix STEM School Label”


Parallel session 6.2

Natalia Spyropoulou: “Upskilling STEAM educators using a competence framework and an online self-assessment tool”


Parallel session 6.3

Pasi Nurmi: “POLAR STAR: STEAM-education and innovative learning approaches”


Parallel session 6.4

Hermann Morgenbesser: “Learning Scenarios on STEAM using Makerspaces”


Parallel track 7 – STEM and inclusion


Parallel session 7.1

Elisavet Vlachou: “STEM & Cultural Heritage”


Parallel session 7.2

Éva Hartai: “Promoting gender balance in the area of earth science and engineering - the ENGIE project”


Parallel session 7.3

Solene Moutier: “Girls Go Circular”


Parallel session 7.4

Eugenia Covernton: “Lecturers Without Borders: removing barriers to STEM outreach”


Parallel track 8 – Teacher training, continuous learning and assessment


Parallel session 8.1

Hikmet Surmeli: “Analysis of students’ and teachers’ opinions on integration of Educational Robotics into the scientific learning teaching”


Parallel session 8.2

Fatma Caner: “One of the Integrated STEM Teacher Competencies: STEM Teacher Zone of Proximal Development”


Parallel session 8.3

Cristina Olivotto: “Open schooling and vocational schools”


Parallel session 8.4

Luigi Pessina, Juan Pablo Ferrero: “Intel® SFI - Empowering the Next Generation of Innovators”



Workshop Ib

“Molecules of our planet”


Workshop Ic

“Science investigations, triggers and tools”


Workshop Id

“Hands-on Geosciences”


Workshop IIc

“Experiments - World Tour! - Highlights from Mexico”


Workshop IId

“SDGs in (STEM) Education using pedagogies which foster 21st century skills”