Fourth Scientix Conference


 4th Scientix International Conference


This web page features video recordings of the project presentations held at the 4th Scientix International Conference.

Zita Bertha: Improving STEM Education Across European Schools


Mari Carmen Perea: MEDNIGHT


Agata Gozdzik: INTERACT


Aroa Gregori Montaner: Life Terra


Cecilie La Monica: CHOICE


Marcelle Holloway: 3rs Pilot - Can we do research without animals?


Maya Fields: PULCHRA


Panagiota Argyri: ClimaTePD


Sabine Mickler: MOST - Meaningful Open Schooling Connects Schools to Communities


Simona Cerrato: SEEDS - How to empower teens to manage their health with citizen science


Sybille Luhmann: Science is Wonderful!


Greta Alliaj: Make it Open




Seppe Hermans: iSTEM


Karol Górnowicz: Future Labs