Third Scientix Conference


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Professor Svein Sjøberg
Svein Sjoberg

Professor in science education at Oslo University, Norway

His current research interests are the social, ethical and cultural aspects of science education, in particular the impacts and influence of large scale assessment studies like PISA and TIMSS. He has worked extensively with international and comparative aspects of science education through e.g. UNESCO, OECD, ICSU and the EU. He has won several prizes and awards for his research, teaching and promotion of science literacy and public understanding of science. He is elected member of the two Norwegian academies: Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters and Norwegian Technical Science Academy. He has also been on the expert committees of the EU FP6 Science in Society program and the Eurobarometer studies.

Dr. Beth Healey
Beth Healey

Doctor expert in space and extreme environments, International Space University, London, UK - Former ESA MD Spaceflight Analogue Concordia

Beth’s interest in extreme and remote environments has led her to work as part of medical and logistical support teams for ski mountaineering expeditions and endurance races from Greenland to the North Pole. She also overwintered as research MD for the European Space Agency at spaceflight analogue Concordia ‘White Mars’. Now based in Chamonix, France, she is learning medical French and furthering her experience of mountain trauma while on placement at Sallanches A&E department.

















The Scientix conference has also the pleasure to welcome 

Jean-David Malo, European Commission, Director - Directorate B - Open Innovation and Open Science, DG Research and Innovation 


Evarist Bartolo, Minister for Education and Employment, Malta, MT