Conference presentations

Plenary sessions

Opening speech
Video message from the Commissioner for Research and Innovation Màire Geoghegan-Quinn
Keynote speeches
Prof. Mariano Gago, former Minister of Science, technology, Information Society and Higher Education, Portugal
How should ministries of education take up STEM challenge
Ewald Breunesse, Manager Energy Transitions, Shell Nederlands
How to make STEM teaching more attractive to students
Amber S. Gell, Rocket Scientist and Spacecraft System Engineer, Lockheed Martin-NASA
Making it as a scientist and engineer
EU Projects for teachers
3-minute invitations to stands from 25 STEM projects.
Moderated by Maria Korda (European Commission)
Closing speech
Marc Durando, Executive Director, European Schoolnet
It’s really all up to the teachers


Parallel sessions

Parallel sessions I
1. Curriculum innovations
Moderated by: Jukka Tulivuori, Finnish National Board of Education
2. School projects
Moderated by: Ausra Gutauskaite (Education Development Centre, Lithuania)
3. Research and schools
Moderated by: Maija Pollari (LUMA Centre Finland, Finland)
4. Tools and schools
Moderated by: Christian A. Gertsch (, Switzerland)
5. The world around us
Moderated by: Reet Rannik (Estonian Research Council, Estonia)
Workshops A
Moderated by: Dan Stefanica (European Schoolnet, Belgium)
Workshops B
Moderated by: Premysl Velek (European Schoolnet, Belgium)


Parallel sessions II
6. Projects I
Moderated by: Tommy Byskov Lund (Danish National Centre for Science Education (NTS-centeret), Denmark)
7. Projects II
Moderated by: Bertalan Péter Farkas (EDUCATIO Public Services Nonprofit LLC, Hungary)
8. From early ages to long distances
Moderated by: Ilze France (University of Latvia, Latvia)
9. Energy, engineering and nanotechnology
Moderated by: Zuzana Mészárosová (Obchodná akadémia, Slovakia)
10. National projects
Moderated by: Jacinta Burke (PDST, Ireland)
Workshops C
Moderated by: Dan Stefanica (European Schoolnet, Belgium)
Workshops D
Moderated by: Ioanna Leontaraki (European Schoolnet, Belgium)


Parallel sessions III
11. Role models and good examples
Moderated by: Douglas Armendone (, Switzerland)
Moderated by: Constantinos P. Constantinou (University of Cyprus, Cyprus)
13. Projects III
Moderated by: Miriam Bugeja (Ministry of Education and Employment, DQSE, Malta)
14. Teacher training and continuous learning
Moderated by: Jostein Kvisterøy (Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education, Norway)
15. Science and social inclusion
Moderated by: Florian Kaiser (SiS Catalyst / University of Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Workshops E
Moderated by: Victor Perez-Rubio (European Schoolnet, Belgium)
Workshops F
Moderated by: Evita Tasiopoulou (European Schoolnet, Belgium)


Parallel sessions IV
16. Coding in education
Moderated by: Marietta Grammenou (European Commission)
17. Out of school learning
Moderated by: Evgenia Sendova (IMI-BAS, Bulgaria)
18. Mobiles and games
Moderated by: Vladimíra Pavlicová (DZS, Czech Republic)
19. Competence learning and motivation
Moderated by: Bernhard Racz (ENIS Austria)
20. Remote and digital
Moderated by: Silvia Panzavolta (INDIRE, Italy)
Workshops G
Moderated by: Victor Perez-Rubio (European Schoolnet, Belgium)
Workshops H
Moderated by: Marina Jimenez-Iglesias (European Schoolnet, Belgium)