Poster session

How much rain must fall to make the school collapse? View (pdf)
Daniela Ambrosi
New methodologies for science learning
Juan Manuel Perez Perez
GPS & meteorological science in forest protection View (pdf)
Manuela Costa
Fieldwork in Earth sciences (geography) View (pdf)
Zofia Dembowska
Nature or Highway? Enhancement of biodiversity in an IBSE school project
Kevin Henning
Frog - maths competition View (pdf)
Etelka Volter
"Solarmobil" - a challenge for European students? View (pdf)
Jörg Haas
Wondrous transformation View (pdf)
Pavlina Karova
eTwinning project: our colourful world View (pdf)
Barbara Koziori
Amgen Teach: inquiry-based training workshops on life sciences View (pdf)
Ioanna Leontaraki
Implementation and development of English language View (pdf)
Maja Labas Horvat
Following Erastothenes' steps
Eugenia Kypriotis
Nano within high school physics: Nanolab project View (pdf)
Annamaria Lisotti
Social media doesn't have to be scary View (pdf)
Fiona Luna
Building a simple mobile game View (pdf)
Secondino Bossolasco
Matheatre - learning math using theatre activities
Adriana Maris
The use of quizlets in science education View (pdf)
Michael O'Leary
Making compost at school View (pdf)
Elena Poncela
Implementing local natural resources in research View (pdf)
Miso Rasan
Using fiction in learning and teaching chemistry View (pdf)
Martin Saar
Learning about space (science education)
Suat Sahin
Analysis of cognitive levels of students' learning View (pdf)
Dalibor Sumpor
Bringing the new IT generation with Grandma's games
Marina Vasileva
Lyps - a successful eTwinning project
Constantin Lucian Vladescu
What we breathe and where it comes from View (pdf)
Galina Yotova