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Why is your company joining the STEM Alliance?

Microsoft is pleased to be part of the STEM Alliance, to ensure close cooperation between Ministries of Education and industry in re-thinking STEM education across Europe. Falling interest in STEM careers is a challenge across Europe, and this platform enables us to reflect and implement joint solutions which can reinvigorate STEM teaching and learning.

Why is STEM Education a priority for your company?

At Microsoft, our focus has always been on enabling people around the world to realize their full potential. An important part of that commitment has been helping individuals develop the skills necessary to succeed in a world—and workplace—that is increasingly complex, technologically advanced, and competitive. These skills are predominantly concentrated in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Gone are the days when a basic understanding of math or science was sufficient for most high school or college graduates. Today's students will need a strong foundation in these subjects regardless of their plans after high school, and such a foundation is essential for students to succeed in computer science.

What does your company want to achieve with its support to the STEM Alliance?

At Microsoft, our work in STEM is broad – from offering students access to STEM experts across the globe through Skype in the Classroom, through to providing curricula for teaching creative coding to secondary students. We know Microsoft collaborative tools and devices – combined with high-quality teaching and appropriate educational content – can make the difference for students all over Europe. We want to share this expertise and support educational institutions in getting free training for their educators, and benefit from our range of free education programs to help them improve STEM engagement.


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