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At Huawei, we believe that with the emergence of personalized, flexible, adaptive, and proactive education methods, K12 needs to transform from "teaching" to "education". Instead of teaching knowledge in one direction, K12 guides students' self-growth and lights up the future through education. This is the mission of digital transformation.

Why is your company joining the STEM Alliance?

Under the trend of digital economy development in the new era, it is particularly important to realize digital transformation of education. Based on ICT technologies, Huawei Smart Education is committed to enabling education through technology and in-depth integration of technology and education to build all-scenario education solutions.The main reasons for joining STEM are as follows:

  • In Europe, for Europe, participates in the society practice and assumes social responsibility.
  • Listen to the voices of the industry and understand the needs of basic education.
  • Connect educational groups, including educational applications, local service providers and primary and secondary schools, to integrate into the European ecosystem.
  • Designing Better Digital Solutions for Education.

Why is STEM education a priority for your company?

STEM education is an important foundation for digital technology, which is conducive to industry innovation and transformation and supports the transformation of talent cultivation and scientific research innovation models. In the higher education field, Huawei stimulates and cultivates digital talent through activities such as ICT Academy and integration of industry and education. In basic education, Huawei attaches great importance to STEM education for the following reasons:

  • Huawei is a global leader in ICT. In-depth STEM education can foster students' interest in digital technologies such as connectivity, computing, cloud, and AI.
  • Huawei education solutions match with the education and training environment of STEM.
  • Students could learn about Huawei and digital technologies through STEM.

What does your company want to achieve with its support to the STEM Alliance?

Through cooperation with the STEM Alliance, Huawei provides the following support:

  • Set up smart classroom showcases in primary and secondary schools and set up a STEM education environment.
  • Provide teachers and students with the opportunity to visit Huawei and learn about the application of digital technologies in the industry.
  • Provide STEM professionals to participate in webinars and online courses.

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