The STE(A)M Atlas of Roadmaps Initiative seeks to create the adequate circumstances at European level for the wide uptake of STE(A)M in schools and other learning environments. The Atlas will contain the roadmaps created by three projects funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe programme:


The SEER, Road-STEAMer, and SENSE.

The three projects use different perspectives and methodologies to develop and deliver STE(A)M Roadmaps for Science Education in Horizon Europe. The complementary Roadmaps support European ambitions to increase the uptake of science careers, demonstrate the breadth of STE(A)M resources available, align the needs of society and industry with education to prepare students to become active citizens and develop synergies between second and third level education and promote science education mainstreaming in funded projects.


The SEER project aims to create roadmaps for policy and institutional changes needed to implement STE(A)M education in Europe. It will evaluate policies, map initiatives, and provide recommendations to support educators, policymakers, and industry partners in advancing STE(A)M education.

The overarching objective of the SEER project is to provide a set of roadmaps that will pave the way for the policy and institutional changes necessary for the large-scale implementation and mainstreaming of STE(A)M education in Europe.

SENSE. The New European Roadmap to STEAM Education will take the shape of a roadmap to creative and holistic STEAM learning to support tomorrow’s learners and educators – be it in a school, in a museum, the woods or on a construction site.

The project puts forward an art-integrative science education, grounded into a sensory and participatory approach to STEAM education.

Road-STEAMer attempts to develop a STEAM Roadmap for Science Education in Horizon Europe and in educational policy across the continent.

Its mission is to develop a policy roadmap for science education in Horizon Europe. The roadmap will support the European institutions to design policies on how to advance STEM education through the use of artistic approaches involving creative thinking and applied arts (the "A" in "STEAM"), and through open science and open schooling.


STEAM Atlas news

Educators Engage with the SEER Project and STE(A)M Education during a Future Classroom Lab Workshop !

On the 18th of March, the SEER Project organised a 1.5h workshop with the 23 teachers attending the week-long Future Classroom Lab course in Brussels. Educators were introduced to the SEER project and its first results, they learned about the integration of STEM and non-STEM subjects under the STE(A)M approach, explored student-centered pedagogies underpinning this practice, and reflected on the role of STE(A)M education in helping students develop 21st century skills.

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