Science Yourself

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Science Yourself

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Dear Colleagues,

Not along time ago I started a blog on education (Science Yourself It's just the beginning, to discuss issues and ideas on how to form and reform the whole system.
I would very much appreciate your comments/protests/help.

One of the issues that I'm trying to solve now is the use of experts by ministries of education worldwide. Do they gather experts to consult them all at once, in one place, in order to re-build the whole system? Or are they only meeting experts in small specialized groups, e.g. biologists or historians only? Please help if you know how it works in your country, or anywhere else.

Best wishes,
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RE: Science Yourself

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your bog is very interesting but i dont understand why there hasnt been any reply to you since ages no conversation like nobody interested anyways keep up good work i appreciate your blog
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